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how to choose toys for angulated tortoises

Even though Angulated Tortoises (Chersina angulata) do not play with toys as other pets do, they may still benefit from having access to objects that enhance their habitat, which can stimulate their minds and keep them active. Natural activities like exploring, foraging, and climbing might be encouraged by these things, which can replicate features present in their original environment.

Angulated tortoises may benefit from playing with pebbles and branches as an enrichment item. The tortoise can climb, explore, and bask in various light and temperature settings thanks to these objects. A tortoise's senses and behaviour may be enhanced by providing it with natural pebbles and branches of varied textures and forms.

Angulated tortoises also benefit from having access to hiding places as an enrichment item. Some examples of such hiding places include ceramic caverns, hollow logs, or even purpose-built structures within the enclosure. The tortoise's hiding places provide it with a feeling of safety and seclusion, enabling it to withdraw and relax when it needs to.

The addition of live plants to an Angulated Tortoise's habitat may enhance its aesthetic value and provide an opportunity for the tortoise to engage in behaviours that are more natural. Tortoises can keep their humidity levels and air quality in check with the aid of living plants, which they may munch on or investigate.

To stimulate the mind and promote natural foraging habits, feeding enrichment products like puzzle feeders or scatter feeding are great options. The goal of scatter feeding is to get the tortoise to actively seek its food by dispersing it across its habitat. Tortoises may get some exercise and practice solving problems using puzzle feeders, which work by requiring them to move an item or gadget to get food.

To further stimulate its sense of touch and promote exploration, you may provide the tortoise with lightweight toys like balls or bells to play with. Even while tortoises do not often engage in roughhousing with their pets, they may nevertheless explore and engage with these objects in their own special manner.

Always keep an eye on your tortoise to make sure its enrichment items are safe and meet its requirements. Things that might cause choking or have sharp edges should not be used. To keep the tortoise in a secure and interesting habitat, check its enrichment items for damage or wear on a regular basis and replace them as necessary.

The tortoise's physical and mental health, as well as its natural habits and ability to resist boredom, may be enhanced by offering a range of enrichment items inside its habitat. A tortoise's happiness and health in captivity may be enhanced by providing it with chances for exploration, foraging, and sensory stimulation.

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