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A number of variables, such as an Australian Terrier's age, level of activity, general health, and temperament, determine how much sleep the dog needs throughout the day. It is important to understand and provide enough sleep for your Australian Terrier, since all dogs have distinct sleep cycles throughout their lives.

To keep up with their fast development and growth, Australian Terrier pups need a lot of sleep while they are puppies. Puppy sleep demands are similar to those of human infants, with an average of 18–20 hours of sleep each day. Their physical and mental development depend on this long duration of sleep, which they do by alternating between brief bursts of activity and play and long naps.

The sleep habits of Australian Terriers progressively resemble those of adult dogs as they enter maturity. Australian Terriers, like most adult dogs, typically sleep for 12–14 hours per day.

Daily activity, mental stimulation, and the existence of a routine are elements that might affect the length of this. Australian Terriers may snooze more often and for shorter periods than other breeds due to their high levels of energy and enthusiasm.

Due to decreased activity and any adaptations brought on by aging, senior Australian Terriers may need even more sleep than adult dogs throughout their twilight years. The average daily sleep duration for an older dog is 14–16 hours.

Keep in mind that elderly people's tendency to sleep too much may be a sign of more serious health problems. So, to make sure your dog is healthy, it's best to see a doctor if you detect any changes in their sleep habits.

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