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toy preferences of australian terriers

In more modern times, though, you might know the breed as a bit stand-offish with strangers. Dog owners know their puppy needs plenty of positive socialization to be friendly with others. One way to encourage fun playtime is with the best toys for dogs at every age.

There are so many great dog toys out there, how do you choose the right ones for your giant-sized pomeranian? From the cutest roly-poly furball puppy to a full-grown adult, the best toys depend on your Chow’s age and temperament. Dog lovers know puppies crave teething toys to soothe their gums, but dogs of all ages enjoy chew toys and interactive playtime.

When your puppy is a few months old, it loses its puppy teeth and its adult teeth come in. During this teething stage, they can have inflamed, sore gums. High-quality chew toys suited for puppies can help ease their discomfort. As your dog grows up, they’ll appreciate a chew toy designed for their larger mouth.

These dental chew toys provide different textures for your puppy to enjoy. The pup-safe material comes in three different sizes, and two have rope which helps clean tartar from your dog’s teeth. Turns out rope fragments slide between your puppy’s teeth and act as dental floss.

Petstages Crunchcore dog chew toys were designed as a safer alternative to water bottles and constructed with three durable layers of rubber and plastic to prevent the toy from losing its shape and to keep your dog engaged for longer. For dogs who can’t get enough of that irresistible crunching sound, Crunchcore dog chew toys are the ideal solution. Available in sizes XS-large.

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