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Red or swollen gums

dog red or swollen gums

Reddened or swollen gums, particularly when associated with bad breath, are an indication of gum disease. When severe, dogs may lose teeth, drop food from their mouths and suffer weight loss due to difficulty eating.When a dog's gums begin to turn red, it could mean the beginning of gingivitis or periodontal disease.

Red gums in dogs can also be caused by injury, ingesting something toxic, or overheating. In rare cases, the cause may be oral cancer. Reddened gums may be tender and painful, so your dog may be reluctant to eat. With this mild type of gum disease, bacteria build up at the base of the teeth, forming tartar and plaque.

This inflames the gums, but damage has not yet occurred to the tooth bone or ligaments holding the teeth in place. When gingivitis worsens, the gums become damaged.If a young dog has too many teeth for the size of their mouth, their gums may become impacted and red.With some dogs, their gums tend to turn red or even swell as they grow older.