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Excessive thirst or urination

dog excessive thirst or urination

Unusually excessive thirst and frequent urination is a common sign of illness.In a pet with increased thirst and urination, the serum biochemistry panel could show some of the following changes: Elevated liver enzymes could indicate liver disease or hyperadrenocorticism. Elevated urea and creatinine are usually a sign of kidney disease.

Often bladder, kidney, or liver problems are what causes excessive thirst and urination in dogs. Dogs may be responding to any number of bladder problems that make the sensation of urination quite urgent, even when it's really not. Bladder infection.Dogs with kidney problems may not be able to concentrate their urine.

They pee more, and to avoid dehydration, they have to drink more. Kidney disease is treated by modifying the dog's food and addressing any underlying causes of kidney failure, such as kidney infections or stones.