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Bite Force

strength and softness in beauceron bite

Unlike other dog breeds, such as mastiffs, Beaucerons don't have jaws built for crushing. They have a biting force closer to the norm for big breeds, which is between 225 and 228 PSI (pounds per square inch), like a Doberman's.

Beauceron biting force readings typically fall between 200 and 400 pounds per square inch (PSI). The Beauceron's bite force is average compared to that of other dog breeds, yet it is still strong enough to cause injuries. It is important to note, however, that a well-trained and controlled Beauceron's bite PSI should not cause alarm. Beauceron puppies should begin learning bite inhibition as soon as possible to prevent any future problems.

The powerful jaws of bracero males give them an air of authority. Until they have had adequate training, it is crucial that they not be put in dangerous circumstances or with unfamiliar people.

Despite their intimidating appearance, Beaucerons are rather mild-mannered and make wonderful pets, particularly for families. They require little attention and quickly settle into family life.

The Beauceron's powerful bite is noteworthy, yet it is only one of many admirable traits that earn this breed such a high reputation. A Beauceron may be a devoted and watchful family pet with the correct amount of training and socialisation.