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Predators And Prey

predatory threats to betta foerschi

Betta fish live in the water so the biggest life threat is pollution from urban wastewater as well as industrial and agricultural runoff.

Water pollution and natural habitat destruction are the biggest threats to the betta foerschi Because of the industrial revolution, the inhabitants are not able to support the native species, which means it does not provide an optimal situation to live a betta healthy life. Human activity and agricultural development destroy their natural habitat. Because of this water quality becomes bad; which is harmful to betta. They long survive in freshwater.

Human medication also has an impact. The popular antidepressant Prozac, which reaches the aquatic environment to the sewage system, has been shown to reduce the time betta spend in building nests harm nest size, hatching rate, and spawning duration. In a betta father also eats his eggs.

The predators of the bettas are fish, cats, salamanders, birds, and newts. The humans also reduce their population by capturing them in aquariums and houses for fun. They also fight and gamble with other bettas, they injure the betta and may end up killing. Even during fertilization, male eat their eggs.

Betta fish are threaded pollution from urban wastewater, as well as industrial chemical runoff and agriculture. Much of their habitat was destroyed by human activity, including the development of palm oil plantations.

The big fishes are also a threat to the betta; because They eat betta. Betta is quite aggressive so they are fighting a lot. During fighting, they end up killing each other. Even male betta may kill female betta after spawning if she does not leave so they are a threat to his own.

When betta are released outside the native area, they threaten other species through competition and disease. So he betta almost keeps in a tank; it’s the safe place

predatory threats to betta foerschi