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interactive fun with betta foerschi

Betta foerschi loves to live in a large space that is decorated with plants, sand, and lightning. They also enjoy sand surfaces. Betta drags his fins all day and plays with them.

You should add artificial leaves which have been vibrant in color. Stick them in the tank side. Provide your betta with some engaging and interactive toys; because betta are curious and their observation skills are quite amazing.

Betta likes to play with the hoop, bangles, and other ornaments. Betta also enjoys playing with a ball. You can provide proper training for playing, such as playing soccer. Betta catch the ball.

You can put some toys in a tank which can float. When toys are floating a betta also follows them. A betta can catch the ball when you throw it. So a ping-pong ball is a good option when choosing the betta toy. You can train them to play with the ball when you throw the ball. Betta easily catches the ball because Betta is a good jumper.

Some betta are attracted to moving toys because they resemble insects, which are considered a live food for them, so they try to catch them. As we know combtail betta is one of the aggressive betta in betta species if you put the mirror in front of the fish tank, it provokes them. In the mirror, they saw their own reflection mirror near the tank increasing the aggression of the fish and they jumped toward them to catch his own shadow.

Anything you put in a fish tank, all the items are sanitized. Before putting them into the tank, wash all things in hot water and sanitizer. Because if the toys are infected with the bacteria they invite diseases to the betta. A disease can be life-threatening.

interactive fun with betta foerschi