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croatian sheepdog versatile herding breed

Scientific Name: Canis Lupus Familiaris

Lifespan: 12-14 Years

Origin: Croatia (HRV)

Croatian Sheepdog


The Croatian Sheepdog is a sturdy working dog with a double coat that keeps it warm in winter and cool in summer.

They're well-known for their quickness, agility, and intelligence.

Individuals of all ages may enjoy the company of these dogs because to their amiability and benign demeanor.

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  • Height

    43-53 cm / 17-21 Inches

  • Weight

    14-20 kg / 31-44 Pounds

  • Length

    43-53 cm / 17-21 Inches

  • Color


  • Height

    43-53 cm / 17-21 Inches

  • Weight

    14-20 kg / 31-44 Pounds

  • Length

    43-53 cm / 17-21 Inches

  • Color


Hot: 15 to 30 °C

Cold: -5 to 10 °C


2K to 3K USD

Bite Force

150 to 250 PSI


Jump: 3-4 Feet

Run: 9-12 Miles per hour (14-20 km/h)

Origin Description

This has its roots in Croatia. Croatia is the birthplace of the Croatian Sheepdog, or Hrvatski Ovar. Its history is deep and varied, maybe stretching back to the 7th century. These canines were created by local shepherds in Croatia to protect their flocks and herd their sheep in the rough terrain.

Because of their intelligence, agility, and devotion, these dogs have found many uses beyond herding, including search and rescue, tracking, and even military service. The Croatian Sheepdog has gained widespread acclaim as a working dog and a cherished family pet in recent decades.


The Croatian Sheepdog, while being a medium-sized dog, has a powerful build and proportionate build. Their heritage as working dogs is reflected in their robust frame and muscular look. Their weatherproof double coat comprises of a strong undercoat and a somewhat wavy outer coat, and is one of their most distinguishing physical traits.

This garment protects them from outside forces, allowing them to function in many temperatures and scenarios. The coat coloration of Croatian Sheepdogs may vary greatly. The most common colors are gray, and black with white marks.. These distinctions help to make them stand out from other similar objects.

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