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Scientific Name: Canis Lupus Familiaris

Lifespan: 12-14 Years

Origin: United States of America (USA)



The Dalmador is a hybrid of the Dalmatian and the Labrador Retriever, and is a medium-sized dog.

The Dalmador is a wonderful pet because it combines the best traits of two great dog breeds: the friendliness of the Labrador Retriever and the striking spotted coat of the Dalmatian.

These dogs are athletic and seem clever; they are loving, loyal, and easy to teach.

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  • Height

    56-61 cm / 22-24 Inches

  • Weight

    27-36 kg / 60-79 Pounds

  • Length

    63.5-76.2 cm / 25-30 Inches

  • Color


  • Height

    53-58 cm / 21-23 Inches

  • Weight

    23-32 kg / 51-71 Pounds

  • Length

    63.5-76.2 cm / 25-30 Inches

  • Color


Hot: 20 to 30 °C

Cold: 0 to 15 °C


500 to 1.20K USD

Bite Force

150 to 250 PSI


Jump: 4-5 Feet

Run: 20-25 Miles per hour (32-40 km/h)

Origin Description

The United States of America is the country of origin. Originally from the United States, the Dalmador dog is a hybrid of the Dalmatian and the Labrador retriever. Although its ancestry cannot be traced back to any specific breed, it is widely assumed that the Dalmatian-Labrador Retriever mix appeared somewhere in the last century.

This hybrid dog has the friendly and loyal personality of a Labrador Retriever together with the striking spotted coat of a Dalmatian.


Dalmatians are popular as pets because of their sociable and outgoing natures. They have an innate tendency to bond with and benefit greatly from the company of humans. They are patient and tolerant, two qualities that make them ideal for families with young children.

The Labrador Retriever parentage confers exceptional intellect to these canines. They are quite amenable to training because of their intelligence and their will to please. Their intelligence and rapid learning make them great participants in mentally stimulating activities. A Dalmador's owner and the dog themselves may benefit from training sessions.

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