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majestic highlander cat posing elegantly

Scientific Name: Felis Catus

Lifespan: 12-16 Years

Origin: United States of America (USA)



The Highlander cat is a newer kind of cat that turned into made within the United States again inside the early Nineties.

These cats are medium-sized and feature strong muscles with brief, thick fur.

Their fur is available in extraordinary colors, however you'll often see them in tabby, mackerel, or noticed patterns.

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  • Height

    55-63 cm / 22-25 Inches

  • Weight

    6.8-9.1 kg / 15-20 Pounds

  • Length

    45-60 cm / 18-24 Inches

  • Color


  • Height

    55-63 cm / 22-25 Inches

  • Weight

    4.5-6.4 kg / 10-14 Pounds

  • Length

    45-60 cm / 18-24 Inches

  • Color


Hot: 18 to 24 °C

Cold: 0 to 2 °C


800 to 2K USD

Bite Force

60 to 80 PSI


Jump: 4-5 Feet

Run: 30-32 Miles per hour (48-52 km/h)

Origin Description

The Highlander cat is a more moderen sort of cat that was made within the United States lower back in the early 1990s by way of a person named Joe Childress. Childress desired to make a cat that seemed wild but was pleasant like a ordinary pet cat. So, he combined varieties of hybrid cats, the Desert Lynx and the Jungle Curl, to create what he called the Highland Lynx. This turned into the authentic call for the Highlander cat.

At first, the Highland Lynx failed to get diagnosed via huge cat companies, so Childress saved on breeding them. He even brought different varieties of puppy cat breeds into the mixture. In 2008, a group referred to as the International Cat Association (TICA) stated the Highland Lynx turned into a unique type of latest breed. Then in 2015, TICA changed its call to Highlander.


The Highlander cat, additionally known as the Highland Lynx, is a completely unique and fascinating breed that indicates off the wild splendor of its ancestors even as nevertheless being loving and affectionate. These cats stand out with their curled ears, brief tails, and robust muscular tissues, giving them an extraordinary appearance that's distinct from other puppy cats.

Their curled ears are a standout function, reminding us in their lynx background. This curl comes from a special genetic change that makes them appearance even extra fascinating. Combined with their expressive eyes and clear facial features, Highlander cats often appear smart and curious.

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