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Gill Damage

fish display pits on their head

A fish gill has been damaged because of various reasons. They are exposed to the water, they contain debris and other water toxins. A damaged gill is not associated with oxygen, it doesn't matter how much oxygen is in the water, the damaged gill can not work properly. Your fish gasping on the surface for breathing. Gill damage is associated with the breathing of the fish.

Gill damage is also associated with viral diseases, such as koi herpes. The virus attacks the gills and makes a fish lethargic or die. There is no treatment for this virus attack. You have to observe fish breathing regularly.

A parasite that is replicated in the gill such as a white spot, is a result of the gill damage. Gill damage comes with various signs such as loss of interest in food, and lethargy. There is no proven method to cure them, only prevention can work.

As a precaution, you have to clean the tank regularly, check the water temperature and try to maintain it stable. A toxin such as ammonia, nitrite level is 0. Change the 25% water once a week and 100% water every month. Provide a proper filtration system to water. Install CO2 system.