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Health And Wellness

ensuring optimal health for penang betta fish

For healthy betta, maintaining water parameters is necessary. A betta prefers a temperature range between 72 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit means silently warmer, if the temperature is lower, install the heater.

Some are common disease in betta pugnax:


Columnar is a chronic infection symptom shown on the body of the variety of striped bass. Under habitat conditions and maintaining water, bacteria may enter through laceration. Accelerated symptoms include damage to the fin.

Fin rot: It is called tail rot. This is caused by bacterial infection and the symptoms are tearing of fins. The symptoms begin with small tears on the edges of the betta fin. The consequence is the loss of the whole fin. The reasons behind the bacterial infection are bad water quality, the low temperature which is below 78, and the build-up of toxic ammonia compounds. It commonly affects fish that have a weak immune system.

Ich: a white patch shown on the skin. It is caused by external parasites that irritate the skin. The symptom is itching on the skin, so the scratch rubs the body on surfaces inside the tank, hence its name “ich.”

Swim bladder: symptoms of this disease beta cannot swim properly. If you notice that your fish is having difficulty swimming it might suffer from a swim bladder. It is often caused by overfeeding or low fiber in the diet.

Health risk

Betta fish have a poor immune system so there are various health risks associated with betta. The common health issue of combtail betta is commonly known as ichthyophthrius multifiliis. The symptoms of parasitic infection cause white spots on the skin or in fish. To reduce the chances of disease, clean the water regularly and use aquarium salt when needed. Choose a large tank so betta can move freely and the chance of disease becomes decreased.

Properly maintained fish can live 2-3 years happily, although in some cases they survive 3-5 years. Research indicates that betta can live happily and stress-free in a large space with several gallons of water.

ensuring optimal health for penang betta fish