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Child Friendly

samurai half moon betta fish fun for kids

Yes, Samurai Halfmoon Betta is child-friendly, or one of the best pet fish for kids. The dangling, cascading fins of the colorful betta look stunning. You can not avoid it. Bettas is considered an attention seeker.

A Samurai halfmoon betta is considered the best pet for kids because they look elegant and classy, their mating dance also enjoys the kid. Comes from the rice paddies and shallow pools, a small space also makes them feel like a natural habitat.

Samurai betta has a super intelligent and mind-blowing memory power. He can recognize if you spend some time near Betta. If you spend time with Betta at least a week they recognize you. You discovered that they recognized you when she saw you swim towards you. Betta has a playful nature as they play with children.

Samurai halfmoon betta have a peaceful and playful nature when they play with children. Kids play with Betta using a ball. As an illustration; Add a small bouncy ball on the top of the tank. Catch the betta's reaction to what she does. Some Betta will wander around their tank. Playing with the ball is hard and needs extra training. Provide proper training for Betta to play with you.

Betta are highly intelligent and known for their curious nature, and they observe near by them closely even the behavior of their owner. If Betta recognizes you it’s possible that she observes your behavior and movement and swims toward you or tries to catch your attention.

If your child plays with betta fish, find some interesting toys and ornaments for fish. They are easily attracted to these things. And playfully play with you.

samurai half moon betta fish fun for kids