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fish have bulging and protruding eyes

Most fish are carnivores and have a weak immune system, so they can not digest carbohydrate-rich food such as wheat and corn. And faces the Constitution. The reason for constipation is lacking fiber in a diet. Without a proper diet and lack of fiber, the fish's digestive system does not work properly. Most commercial fish bodies have a low fiber. You should consider a proper diet.

The treatment of constipation is to feed your fish fiber-rich food. High fiber acts as a natural laxative which helps them to regulate digestion. The most common food uses boiled peeled peas, a large fish can eat whole peas while a small fish can eat a chunk of peas or chopped fish.

You can also use 1 to 3 tbsp aquarium salt for 5-gallon water which helps to relieve constipation.

Preventing constipation is the easiest way to use java moss.use vegetable food sources for fish. The prevention of constipation is easy. You have to offer a fish-balanced diet that includes all nutrition. By Adding live food to their diet, they directly affect the health condition of the fish.

When the fish is constipated start with the base trick to diagnose, if the problem is serious then give them antibiotics and medicine and in the worst situation consult the doctor.