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How To Care

tips for maintaining samurai half moon betta fish

Because of ethical, legal, and safety take a betta as a pet. Keep them in the aquarium and play with them. Betta is highly intelligent and easily adopts the things that you can teach. A caretaker can easily train the betta.

Samurai halfmoon betta is relatively easy to care for. Here are some tips when you keep dragon scale betta in an aquarium or pet. Maintaining the tank and water correctly from bacterial infection or fungal infection. The symptoms are lost interest, faded color, and decreased activity.

Some of the parameters to consider such as PH value, hardness, and temperature. The ideal tank size of the betta fish is a 5-10 gallon water tank. When you put them in a tank there are certain water parameters you have to check; such as water temperature between 76–82˚F, the hardness of the water is 5 – 20 dGH, and giant betta prefers slightly acidic water. So, a PH value between 6.0 to 7.5.

The main reason for the infection is poor water quality and an unmaintained aquarium setup. You should clean the tank, stabilize water parameters, check the water, and change some of the water regularly. Food is important, but if you overfeed them this causes problems.

Good water quality and maintenance of the tank lead a healthy life. Clean 25% of the water once a week and change to full water once a month. Schedule water changes to prevent the rise in toxin levels.

There are a lot of rules and restrictions, and sometimes it's even illegal to give hard training to pets when you try to train them. Because of their size, speed, and surprising behavior, betta can easily adapt the things.

tips for maintaining samurai half moon betta fish