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Aquaculture insurance

A fish owner has faced numerous challenges when they raise the fish. A fish needs a proper diet and essential food to eat.

Aquaculture insurance is specially designed for aquarium fish because they are difficult to maintain. Or they have a high chance of getting injured because of their aggressive tendencies.

This policy covers onshore and offshore farming including hatcheries and grow-out operations. Which mainly focuses on:

  • Fish infected by bacterial and fungal diseases.
  • Water pollution.
  • An environment changes like freezing or supercooling.
  • Onshore mechanical breakdown and electrical breakdown.
  • Change in water salinity.

This policy also covers the damage to property and equipment which is used in the aquarium.

National fishery policy

A mission of the national fishery policy is to develop fishery resources and ensure the management, regulation, and responsible conservation so the fish resources are sustainably harnessed for improving livelihood.

The vision of the national fishery policy is to expand ecologically fit practicable and socially inclusive fisheries that play a major role in the prospect of the economy of the fishing sector.

What is covered in the National Fisheries Policy

The main focus is on the culture and management of the freshwater bodies. The policy covers all fish-related issues such as accidental, and environmental changes, and diseases in fish.

For fish farming problems, supplement for the healthy fish; consisting of a diet and other on and off shores. These policies aim to create an economically healthy and social fishing sector that contributes toward the well-being of fishing and fish farming.