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Pop Eyes

pop eyes of siamese fighting fish

Popeyes is a simple eye infection caused by the bacteria. A betta is likely to live in a clean aquarium. an aquarium with unsuitable water conditions mostly causes the pop eyes.

Pop eyes aren’t difficult to cure, but sometimes can cause serious internal conditions. Popeyes may prove fatal for your betta. It is also a sign of serious internal diseases.

Popeyes symptoms of betta tuberculosis. Betta has contracted tuberculosis. In serious cases, they also lead to death.

The symptoms are an eye area swallow and fish eyes bulging out. the eyes develop a thick ring around them. Popeyes causes other physical illnesses such as loss of appetite and lethargy.

As soon as you notice betta has pop eyes remove the tank and quarantine it. Change the 90% of the water and change water regularely. Add kanamychin to the aquarium. Use the aquarium salt to prevent the toxin in the water. Remember that the medicine dissolves completely into the water.