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cat obesity

Obesity is an accumulation of excess body fat.

As extra body fat causes extra body weight, weight can be measured to determine if a cat is overweight or obese. This is much easier than trying to measure body fat. Using body weight as a guide, cats are considered overweight when they weigh 10-20% above their ideal body weight.

Cats are considered obese when they weigh more than 20% above their ideal body weight.

These cats love to eat and are prone to weight-related health problems. Like humans, obesity is a major concern for cats and other animals.

Careful monitoring of their weight and food consumption is important. Cats that are overweight can develop back problems, joint pain, issues with their liver and kidneys, heart disease, and diabetes.

If your cat is gaining weight, you may want to speak to your veterinarian. Some simple blood work can determine if the weight gain is from overeating or if there is an underlying health condition that needs to be addressed.