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dermatomycosis of siamese fighting fish

Dermatomycosis is a medical term for a fungal infection that appears in the skin and spreads in the body. Fungal infection can occur at any time because of an injury or pathological change in skin color.

The disease is shown in freshwater and saltwater fish. And generally causes after the bacterial infection.

Many factors promote the fungal infection of healthy skin. The fungus is generally shown in warm and humid areas such as feet, and armpits. They also attack the sensitive part of the body where they can rebuild it; they generally attack the warm part of the body, which is not shown.

This fungus is transmitted from the fish to humans by close contact with infected fish. There are various types of Dermatomycosis such as ringworm, ich.

Dermatomycosis symptoms are similar to eczema, sometimes they are misdiagnosed as eczema. They have initial similar symptoms such as redness, itching, and skin inflammation. So it is hard to make the diagnosis. The disease involves a combination of clinical examination and laboratory tests. The doctor takes a sample of skin specifies the types of fungus and gives the necessary treatment

The result is a very savior of this fungal infection: they spread the body to the gills. Infection may result in contract formation within the lens and cause total blindness, in extreme cases the fish even dies.

You can prevent the fungus via some simple care. When you add new species, quarantine them for at least 15 days. Add aquarium salt. The ratio is 1 tablespoon = 5 gallons. Remove filters that have activated carbon, and give them a marvel margin for 5 days for a speedy recovery.

dermatomycosis of siamese fighting fish