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Dropsy Bloating

fish swim erratically in tank water

Dropsy/ Bloating is a condition where the belly feels full and tight because of the gas. It a technically referred to as an edema or ascites. In a dropsy, there is a problem in the functioning of the kidneys and gills due to health problems. Dropsy also causes other problems. the condition is caused because of an infection, parasites, or organ dysfunction.

You can see the variety of symptoms in dropsy such as swollen belly, protruding scales, bulging eyes, pale gills, swollen anus, increased rate of respiratory, and redness of fins and skin.

It is caused because of the excess amount of fluid in the fish's body and gives it a swollen appearance. Dropsy is also caused by stress. They should relive when the stress is overcome.

Many things cause drops in fish. Such as bacterial infection, parasites, fungal infection, and dysfunction of the liver and kidney.

To prevent fish from the dropped maintain a cleaning schedule, water parameters, pH value, hardness, etc. Once in a while change the entire water. Use aquarium salt water to prevent dropsy. Antibiotics work best, consult your doctor and prescribe antibiotics.