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keep fish in medicated water for three days

This mainly impacts a fish gill so it is also called gill flukes are parasites, that lodge in the gills of koi. It is a dangerous parasite, and not longer than 0.1 to 0.3mm. the flusk appears of a skin worm.

A gill flukes are usually brought along when you introduce a new species in the tank or drink random water. The gill flukes is easily identified by the worm part of the fish.

In gill flukes they produce excessive mucus, which has suffocating effects. The symptoms of the infection are keeping gills shut, regulating breath, shaking hands, swimming backward, and rubbing gills.

It can be treated properly with anti-worm means, the double treatment is recommended. Because medicine can not treat worm eggs. If the egg has already hatched you can prefer a second treatment. It is better to prevent gill worms. During the hot season offer them quality food. It is essential to give proper nutrition, vitamins, and minerals.

Different causes of bad water quality, as in the case of too many fish in the pond. The directive is 50cm of fish length per 1000 liter water, to properly function, providing activated carbon will give a brief relief because carbon totally filters the water even micro dust particles.