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Health And Wellness

wellness regimen for white platinum betta

For healthy betta maintaining water parameters is necessary. A betta prefers a temperature range between 76 and 81 degrees Fahrenheit means silently warmer, if the temperature is lower install the heater. Good water quality and maintenance of the tank lead a healthy life. We suggest that you regularly change the water. If you put in a large aquarium change the 20% of water every 15 days.

Properly maintained fish can live 1-2 years happily, although in some cases they survive 2-3 years. Research indicates that betta can live happily and stress-free in a large space with several gallons of water.

Some common diseases:

Fin rot: It is called tail rot. This is caused by bacterial infection the symptoms is tearing of fins. The symptoms begin with small tears on the edges of the betta fin. The consequence is the loss of the whole fin. The reasons behind the bacterial infection are poor water quality, the low temperature which is below 78, and the build-up of toxic ammonia compounds. It commonly affects fish that have a weak immune system.

Velvet: Velvet symptoms are a brown coat that resembles gold dust or rust on fish skin. The velvet is caused by the excess amount of mucus. To find relief they keep rubbing against the surface inside the tank to find relief. The fish might develop lesions on its skin and ulcers, they make the immune system weak which results in loss of appetite, and other diseases.

Swim bladder: symptoms of this disease beta cannot swim properly. If you notice that your fish having difficulty swimming it might suffer from swim bladder. It is often caused by overfeeding or low fiber in the diet.

Ich: a white patch shown on the body; it is known as white spot disease. It is caused by external parasites that irritate the skin. The symptom is itching on the skin, so they scratch their body with any object. The constant itching and scratches lead to a white spot all over the body. These symptoms include stress, dullness, loss of appetite, and even death, also caused by poor water quality.

wellness regimen for white platinum betta