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Hole In The Head

hole in the head of siamese fighting fish

The unusual disease is a parasitic infection developed via an organism called hexamita. The symptoms begin to eat away at the flesh around the head and cause a deep wound. The sickness is also known as hexamitiasis and most common type of cichlid.

A researcher also found that the deases are caused by the Hexamita parasites entering the body from the wounded area, and causing damage. The main symptoms of these deases are deep, pitting lesions that develop on the top of the head, which can be pale in color and the wound is open just like a heal. The other symptoms include lethargy, loss of color, loss of appetite, etc.

A hole in the head that is difficult to treat disease is metronidazole is the ideal choice to treat these diseases, providing medicated food. They can not clear up secondary infection. It has a high mortality rate and fish often die after a few days.

There is no cure available for these diseases to ensure the maintenance a stable water quality. Poor water quality allows the parasites and bacteria in the tank, which increase the chance of the sickness. Poor water quality causes stress and it leads to a weak immune system.