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expert tips for caring for white platinum betta

White platinum betta is a more valuable and unique betta which is difficult to achieve via breed. Because of this betta is rare, we must take good care of her. betta is easy to care and maintain. Here are some tips when you keep a betta in an aquarium or pet. Maintain tank and water correctly they lead to bacterial infection or fungal infection. The symptoms are loss the interest, faded color, and decreased activity.

White plataniumn betta generally likes a lot of space for exploring; so you can choose the larger take to manage your black orchid. In general, they can do best in the 5-gallon size tank for a single betta. Regular water change, proper filtration, and suitable water parameters need to be healthy marble betta. If you don’t properly care, the betta leads to many diseases, bacterial infections, and fungal infections. If betta is sick their color becomes dull, decreasing appetite.

To maintain a healthy Yellow betta requires the heater to maintain a warm environment of 76- 81 ˚F. The appropriate temperature range is 78-80˚F. They prefer slightly acidic pH levels of 6.5-8.1, although they can endure pH levels up to 8.0. Maintain a stable pH range.

If you do not properly care about the yellow betta they lead to many diseases, such as Fin rot, velvet/ rust, ich/ white spot, etc. which result from parasitic, bacterial infection, and fungus. Some of the disease symptoms include dull color, decreased appetite, lethargy, and Clamped fins that inhibit the fish’s typical gliding movements

Good water quality and maintenance of the tank lead a healthy life. We suggest that you regularly change the water. If you put in a large aquarium change the 20% of water every 15 days and change the full water every month.

expert tips for caring for white platinum betta