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creating a haven for white platinum betta

To keep this delicate fish kept in an aquarium trade started in the 20th century. White platinum are rare and difficult to find so they always catch the attention when you put them in an aquarium, White platinum betta is a popular betta fish in the aqua world.

Tank size

A White platinum betta is a freshwater tropical fish, that prefers to live in a large space. For one betta The ideal tank size is 5 gallons. they generally follow a standard aquarium sizing of 11.8” L x 7.9” W x 7.1” H, and weighs 111. Generally, betta fish are sold in containers. The condition will stay more stable, and require less maintenance. If you planning to put a pair we suggest you go to 10 gallon tank.

The aquarium setup is similar to the other bettas use the proper lighting and filtration they require a 3-inch layer of substrate. For a decoration purpose add live or artificial plants. Floating plants are an ideal option because Bettas will often swim under them for cover and build a nest on floating plants. For freshwater, a biological filter is a must in your tank.

Water parameter

Maintaining water chemistry is essential for a fish's long and healthy life. The yellow betta is no exception. Good water quality and maintenance of the tank leads to the long and healthy life of betta.

What to put

when you add decoration to the betta tank be careful, because they have a delicate fin, which has a chance of damage. A decoration with a Sharpe edge and rough surface. A decoration item is smooth, rounded, and safe. Decorated with a simple substrate.


In their natural habitat, they have a lot of plants which help them to hide. You can add a cave as well as other things. The hiding space does not give stress to Betta. You can add live plants to the tank. The plant provides shelter and hiding space for betta as well you can add live plants and caves in the tank to make them resemble their natural habitat you can add sand and substrate at the bottom of the tank. plants supply oxygen to the fish and clean the water. java fern is an ideal option, if you want to add the plant.


A substrate accumulates waste and changes the water regularly. Soil substrate is considewhite platinum a good option if you are using live plants in the aquarium. Keep the water tank column clean, maybe you need other material or a base like gravel. It is labyrinth fish, so the soil can keep fish happy and healthy.

creating a haven for white platinum betta
creating a haven for white platinum betta



A betta comes from South asia calamity so they prefer warm temperatures. Maintaining tank water temperature is essential. Betta needs warm water so a heater is essential. You can put heaters in the tank to keep them warm, the temperature ranges between 72-82.


A tank illuminates with lights. A good light illuminates your betta color and helps the plant to grow. betta prefers natural sunlight. They work during the day and sleep at night. So, arrange the light according to them.

Ammonia, Nitrite, and Nitrate:

Ammonia and nitrite are extremely toxic to fish; they should always be 0 ppm. Nitrate can be below 20 ppm. Which is managed by regular water changes and a good filtration system.


betta can tolerate a moderate range of hardness. Soft to slightly hard water is best. The general hardness ranges between 3-10 degrees and carbonate hardness should be between 2-8 degrees.

Ideal tank mate

As advice do not put any species with white plataniumn betta. Betta are aggressive in nature but they are compatible with the following species. When you put them in the same tank, you must remember that their water parameters are the same. The species avoids much interaction. So the face-off possibility becomes minimal. Here are some ideal tank mates for betta:

Before adding any other species to the betta tank make sure that they are healthy, quarantine them for 15 days, and observe their behavior.

Guppies: well-known as rainbow fish. Males have available more color than females and have longer fins. Generally, they require plataniumn a 10-gallon tank. The range of the water temperature is between 68 and 78ºF Also they prefer silently acidic water so the PH value is between 6.5 to 8.0. The water hardness is 100 to 150 mg/l. they prefer an omnivore diet. They are ideal tank mate because their food habitat and water parameters same as a white plataniumn betta.

creating a haven for white platinum betta
creating a haven for white platinum betta

Tetra: tetra is a schooling fish that belongs to the family of characid. They are colorful, calm, and peaceful. Popular tetras include white platinum eye, black skirt, serape and blood fins, glow lights, and neon, and neon black is also a good choice. The water temperature is between 75° and 80° F. The PH range between 6.8 to 7.8. the hardness of the water between 50 – 140 ppm. They prefer 10 – 20 gallons tank capacity.

Ghost shrimp: It is known as a glass shrimp because it has a see-through appearance. They need a large space. a 10-gallon capability of tank size. The water temperature ranges white plataniumn between 72 to 78 F (22 to 25 C), and the PH value is between 7.2 to 7.5.

Kuhli loaches: it is the coolest oddball fish because of its unique eel-like body, beady black eyes, and bristly barbells or whiskers around their mouth. Generally, they require white plataniumn a 20-gallon tank. The range of the water temperature is between 74 and 80ºF also they prefer silently acidic water so the PH value is between 8.0.

Do not put betta fish together because of their territorial nature. When you put the other species with white betta make sure that they share the same water parameters and food. As well as similar types of habitats. The process of choosing the right betta requires careful consideration.