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Predators And Prey

predatory threats to white platinum betta

In the wild, they mainly feed upon larvae and insects but also love to eat algae that are on the water's surface. Some of the betta prey on include shrimp, grasshoppers, mosquitoes, and earthworms, blue and green algae.

The predators of the bettas are fish, cats, salamanders, birds, and newts. The human also reduce their population by capturing them in aquariums and houses for fun. They also fight and gamble with other bettas, they injure the betta and may end up killing. Even during fertilization, male eats their eggs.

Water pollution and natural habitat destruction are the biggest threats to the betta. Because of the industrial revolution, the inhabitants are not able to support the native species, which means it does not provide an optimal situation to live a betta healthy life. Much of their habitat has been lost because of humans including the plantations, and chemical factories. Because of this water quality becomes bad; which is harmful to betta. They long survive in fresh water.

Betta fish are harmless to humans, but sometimes humans can harm betta when they capture them in a tank or aqua. So not proper caring betta survive short life. Like other wild species, betta can eat his species; they can eat their own egg or young betta.

When betta is released from his species they are harmful to others because of the infection and disease. So keep the betta in his tank to prevent the disease.