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Swim Bladder

fish exhibit noticeable body swelling

Swim bladders follow the same pattern the plane moves in the air and help fish to move freely. The symptoms of swim bladder include floating on the surface, fishes tend to rapidly eat and gulp air, which causes bloating and upset stomach. A lower water temperature or cool environment causes the swim bladder. It occurs because of a parasite infection or bacterial infection. It also causes genetic defense.

Common symptoms of the swim bladder are fish struggling to maintain body posture, keeping a seat in one place, distended body, curved back, loss of appetite, and floating upside down.

Some treatments are also available for the swim bladder. If the problem is serious and rich at extreme stages, reduce the water flow, feed a food which observes liquid, clean and maintain water parameters, water must be warm, the temperature range between 78 – 80F, reduced water level.

Prevention is important, if you want a healthy fish. To prevent the swim bladder from feeding frozen food, the temperature should be high, feed the food via hand so they do not jump or gulp air in their mouth with food, and clean the fish tank regularly.