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playtime with white platinum betta

betta is a highly active and curious species. Putting some toys in a fish tank is a good option to entertain a fish. There are certain toys you can play with betta.

Betta loves to play, they enjoy the play session. There are certain toys you can play with betta. You can train Betta to play with you.

Some betta attract to the moving toy. They try to catch the toy. Because they resemble insects. And we all know Betta loves to eat. They may try to hunt the object.

Betta also can play with the ball, you can teach them to catch the ball when you through the ball. Betta easily catches the ball because Betta is a good jumper. But be careful that Betta cannot jump outside the tank.

Bettas are highly intelligent and known for their curious nature, and they observe them closely even the behavior of their owner. If Betta recognizes you it’s possible that she observes your behavior and movement and swims toward you or tries to catch your attention.

Some betta is attracted to moving toys because they resemble insects, which are consider white plataniumn a live food for them so they try to catch them. As we know combtail betta is one of the aggressive betta species if you put the mirror in front of the fish tank, it provokes them. In the mirror, they saw their reflection mirror near the tank increasing the aggression of the fish and they jumped toward them to catch their own shadow.