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Velvet Or Rust

fish exhibit white patches on skin

Velvet is known as a gold dust disease, rust. It is a common aquarium fish disease. It causes several species of tiny parasites which are known as oodinium. The disease affects an all kind of water fish with black water, fresh water, and salt water.

Velvet is caused by the oodinium pilularis. The symptoms and life cycle are similar to well-known ich. The life cycle is divided into three major phases, the first is tomont, the second is a juvenile, and the last is adolescent tomite.

The symptoms include scratching against hard objects, loss of appetite and weight, loss of color, fin clamps against the body, and skin color being yellow or rusty.

When it started the basic thing was that the fish rubbed against his body around the fish tank. As the disease spreads more they become lethargic, their appetite is reduced and fin lose weight. The main symptoms are that they face difficulty in breathing and rapid grilling.

The most symptoms are shown in the body. The body layer has a gold or rust color dust. The dust layer is not shown directly but illuminated in a flashlight when fish darken the room. The symptoms are mostly shown on the fins and gills. The diseases affected the fry also.

The treatment is that the bacteria does not serve a warm environment so raise the temperature, dim the light for many days, add aquarium salt to the tank, give them mardel copper safe for ten days, and remove carbon filtration.

Velvet is spread too fast and is highly contagious, so you have to be diagnosed in advance. When you show basic symptoms directly start the treatment. The treatment starts in the initial days.

The prevention is when you add new fish in the tank and quarantine them for 2 weeks. Maintain high water quality and a stable environment. A diet is important, providing them with a nutrition-rich diet. The basic and important thing is to maintain a clean and hygienic aquarium condition.

fish exhibit white patches on skin