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Content Violation Policy

To maintain the integrity of our intellectual property, we strictly prohibit unauthorized commercial use, contract sourcing by competitors, and the creation of articles solely based on our material.

Sourcing Our Content

Everything on is protected by U.S. copyright laws. Don't share it without asking us first.

Quoting Our Content

You can use a bit of our content for your work, school work, or projects. Just make sure to quote it properly.

Sourcing Images

Our pictures have different rules. Some are free to use, while others are not. Check the copyright information beneath each image.Don't share it without asking. It's like asking before borrowing a friend's toy.

Citing Our Content

If you use our words, say thanks! Put a link to our stuff in your school paper. It's like telling everyone where you got your cool information.

Example Quotation

Here's an example of how to quote us: "Biterbite says that sharks have been around for a long time and are increasingly important in keeping the ocean healthy".

Commercial Usage

Newspapers and real publications can use our content, but others like ours can't copy and paste. Don't use our stuff in apps, games, or books without asking. It's okay for personal use, but don't share it with others.

Commercial Use

Commercial use of BitterBite content in products such as apps, games, and books is strictly forbidden without prior written consent from BittеrBitе. This includes but is not limited to, incorporating our content into any commercial videos or products intended for financial gain.

Media and reliable publications

Newspapers, magazines, and reputable publications are allowed to source Biterbite content professionally, provided it adheres to the outlined restrictions and complies with relevant copyright laws in the relevant jurisdiction.

Websites in Competition

Websites that provide information similar to Biterbite and are considered competitors are strictly prohibited from sourcing our content to create complete articles. While using quotations as a small part of a unique article is protected by copyright law, constructing articles solely based on quotations from Biterbite is strictly forbidden and constitutes a serious breach of our copyright

Personal Use

While copyright law permits personal use, keep in mind that content intended for personal use should not be accessed by third parties. Personal websites that are online and web-accessible are not permitted to use copyrighted content for personal use if the website is accessible to others.

Enforcement and Anti-Plagiarism Measures

Biterbite employs anti-plagiarism software and techniques to identify any abuse or unauthorized use of our content. In cases where our copyright has been breached, we have the right to take appropriate legal action to protect our intellectual property.


Respecting these user guidelines is crucial to maintaining the integrity of Biterbite's content and ensuring fair and lawful use. Any violation of these rules may result in legal action to protect our intellectual property. If you have specific inquiries or require written consent for commercial use, please contact us directly.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in adhering to these usage rules and limitations.